Stop Using Conventional Skin Care Products


Stop Using Conventional Skin Care Products

Most people know how medicines can be delivered with a patch on your skin, so think about what that means: Your skin absorbs things you put on it. So it’s very important to use natural and organic skincare products instead of conventional skin care, which contain many toxins that can actually age your skin over time!

Did you know that the cosmetic and skin care industry is not very highly regulated? Many ingredients used have not been proven safe or effective for long-term use. In fact, most skin care products on the market today contain chemicals that can have an adverse impact on your health, but guess what else??? Yes, they can actually make your skin look older with time. It has been estimated that around 5 pounds of chemicals are absorbed by the average woman over the course of a year just by the skin care and cosmetics she uses!

That sounds easy, but what exactly is natural skin care? You need to watch out, because many companies add small amounts of natural ingredients, like vitamin C, so they can call their products “natural,” but their products still contain many toxins. There are NO government standards concerning the claim of “natural” for skin care or cosmetics.

Natural ingredients means things like coconut, jojoba or olive oil; seaweed and algae extracts; vitamin C, vitamin E, butters like shea butter and cocoa butter, green tea and more. If you recognize the ingredient as something you would eat, you’re probably on the right track. Ingredients to avoid include synthetic ingredients like mineral oil, synthetic preservatives like parabens and synthetic fragrances.

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