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More Anti-Aging Foods – Be Stunned!

All of us want to have a healthy and young looking skin as we enter our mid-age. Therefore it’s best to think about just a single moisturizer or looking at the SPF rating of your sunscreen. It’s also important to consider the ones on the plate. Every single day, new studies come out which shows certain evidences of the anti-aging benefits of foods. True, it’s hard to look on them one by one but recently the Huffington Post made a list of some foods that have been affecting and actually promoting health as and beauty.

First, it isn’t about the foods. Yes, being young doesn’t end on the actual foods that we eat but we also have to consider what we drink. The news source says that pomegranates have recently shown to decrease the oxidation of our DNA. Oxidation simply means wearing and tearing. It can be frustrating to eat pomegranates especially those seeds. But you can always have a glass of pomegranate juice if you want to.

Another good recommendation would be to drinking green tea. It’s also one way of slowing down the aging process. Green teas are filled with antioxidants and more than that, the nutrients that these things carry can actually reduce chronic inflammation- this is a great factor in certain diseases like Diabetes.