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What does anti-aging mean exactly? We know that "anti" means against or opposed to something, right? So we suppose anti-aging would mean against or opposed to aging. Well, we don’t consider myself “against or opposed” to aging but of course we want to look and feel as young as we possibly can. Just out of curiosity we looked up anti-aging in the dictionary and here is the formal definition we found: Delaying or lessening the effects of aging, especially on the skin: an anti-aging cream. Well, it seems to me that "anti aging cream" being synonymous with "anti aging" is a bit of a stretch, but the first part of that definition does seem very accurate and palatable. We don't think being opposed or against aging would be a very healthy attitude, but whenever we hear of anything to "reverse" aging or to "look younger" we must admit, we all ears. LOL (that's text speak for laugh out loud) we suppose most of us over the age of 40 are interested in delaying or lessening the effects of aging. It’s perfectly natural to want to look and feel our best.

Anti-Aging Nutrition and Foods

To help slow down the effects of aging examining what you eat is a good start. You need to begin thinking about anti aging nutrition. Although that sounds somewhat trite the truth is that everything you put in your mouth has the potential to effect your health and your skin and so your emotional reactions to aging as well.

Anti-Aging Skin Care

Antiaging skin care creams are easy to find. They will rehydrate your dry skin, which will put moisture back into the dryness that made your skin look less than what is could be. There are many to choose from and all of them offer a return to a healthier happier you.

Anti Aging Exercise

When trying to improve the way you feel about getting older you must understand that feeling good about yourself is one of the best medicines. Your face is the first thing you look at everyday and so that is the place to start your anti aging exercise.

Anti Aging Cosmetic

There has been a controversy over an anti aging cosmetic sold by one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the Untied States. This company makes anti-wrinkle creams that contain nanotechnology which is the use of nano particles that have the ability to be absorbed into the skin deeper than other types of similar creams using normal sized particles.

Anti Aging Products

There are a lot of so called miracle cures out there on the market today. We are sure you've seen the ads. Many of these are either for dramatic weight loss, or they are to stop the effects of aging. It's difficult to tell just what is truth and what is a bunch of hype, until you try the product for yourself. After a while, you learn the difference between honest companies and those who want to make a fast profit before disappearing into thin air.

Anti Aging Supplements

We have recently heard a lot of good things about a few anti aging supplements. DHEA, for example, is supposed to be good. It is a substance produced by the body's adrenal glands, but as you get older, its levels drop off which is supposed to be a bad thing. According to scientists, DHEA is one of the best anti aging supplements because it is such a necessary part of your own health and internal chemistry.

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There is, in our opinion, no miraculous anti aging supplement which will solve all your problems. Rather, it is a matter of doing your best each and every day to live a healthy and active life, while eating right and avoiding unhealthy habits. And let's not forget to drink water... now there's some common sense!

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